Laboratory Calibration Services (LCS) is a NIST traceable (accreditation pending) on-site calibration and repair laboratory, serving clients throughout Southern California. We provide comprehensive calibration in Force, Pressure, Temperature, Electronics, and specialized Dimensional calibration. We also deliver a full scope of NIST traceable calibration, test, and measurement services for a wide array of machinery and laboratory instruments.

GAGEtrak 7 FDA Edition (version 7.0.5).

With careful selection, GAGEtrak CMS is the Calibration Management Software (CMS) we have chosen at Laboratory Calibration Services (LCS). One of the many benefits to using GAGEtrak CMS is that you, the customer, retain all your calibration information! It is always best if you retain all your data, at your facility, and not at a vendor’s calibration company.

Should you ever decide to change your calibration house, you would need to have your current vendor relinquish their rightfully owned calibration data. Not only can this take time, but you might also incur additional expenses.

With GAGEtrak 7, you retain all of their calibration data at your facility from the start!

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What We Do


Some additional benefits to note about LCS and our services:

  • We pledge a quick 3-5-day turnaround time.
  • Both on-site and off-site services are available.
  • Pick up and delivery services are available upon request.
  • We can provide automatic recall notices for equipment approaching its calibration due date. This information is provided 45 days prior to calibration due dates.
  • We provide NIST Traceable Calibration including “As Found” and “As Left” test data.
  • We can offer clients computer generated Certificates of Calibration.
  • We also offer electronic data transfer of calibration certificates and service records, as needed.
  • We serve clients in Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties.

As you consider your needs for high-accuracy instrument calibration and repair, we invite you to contact our team.