Businesses and municipalities depend on the accuracy and precision of their machinery and instruments to run a reliable operation. Even the slightest variance or flaw can compromise the entire body of work or research, resulting in waste, unnecessary down time, loss of revenue, and broken trust from their customers. Reliable instrument testing and calibration services like Laboratory Calibration Services exist to keep your systems running efficiently without hiccups.

Who We Are

Laboratory Calibration Services is a NIST traceable (accreditation pending) on-site calibration service and repair laboratory that serves clients throughout Southern California—including Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties.

Since 1980, our aim has been to provide clients with total peace of mind that their equipment is well-maintained and properly calibrated. Our focus is on quality. We are constantly innovating our processes to deliver reliable results fast. We carry almost every standard with us everywhere we go – so if something comes up in the middle of a job, we have you covered.

Our Method


We appraise your instrumentation and diagnose potential problems.

Calibration and repair

We perform the needed maintenance to your instrumentation.

Follow-up inspection

We again thoroughly vet the instrumentation to make sure the problems have been satisfactorily addressed.

Quick order completion

We provide the client with our full guarantee that their instruments are once again ready for use in 3-5 days.

Transfer of documents

We electronically transfer each client up-to-date calibration certificates and/or repair records.


Why Choose LCS?

  • We offer a quick 3-5-day turnaround.
  • Both on-site and off-site services are available.
  • Pickup and delivery available upon request.
  • We offer electronic transfer of calibration certificates and service records.
  • Our team takes pride in delivering personal, attentive service to each client.
  • LCS is known for the highest standards of quality and precision.
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When it comes to the testing, calibration, and repair of your machines and instruments, you need a partner you can trust. LCS has almost 40 years of experience in calibration, along with a forward-thinking approach that anticipates and addresses long-term needs. Contact us today to get started.